Foot Care Advice

      Some hints and tips; 

  •  Wash feet daily and dry them thoroughly, especially in between your toes.
  •  Avoid soaking your feet for long periods of time. 
  •  Keep your skin soft and smooth by using a moisturiser on a regular basis but never use it between your toes.
  • File or trim toenails regularly-follow the curvature of your nail but not too short or cut down at the corners as this can lead to in-growing toenails.
  •  Wear footwear that supports the foot properly.
  •  Choose footwear made of natural materials to help your feet to breathe.
  •  Air trainers before and after exercise to prevent build up of bacteria & fungus.
  •   Change stockings or socks at least once a day. 
  •  Wear cotton socks. Avoid wool or nylon.

Diabetes can affect the feet. People suffering from diabetes may experience poor circulation and sensation in their feet. Even the smallest injury can lead to infection, which, if not treated promptly, may lead to serious complications. If you have Diabetes, it is important to examine your feet daily. 

Anyone with Diabetes should consult their HCPC Registered Podiatrist/ Chiropodist regularly and have a full annual review and assessment.

 It is advisable to see an HCPC Registered Podiatrist/ Chiropodist on a regular basis, especially if you are on your feet for long periods of time, suffer from Diabetes or have poor circulation

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